ATEQ can provide you instruments that help you charge, discharge and analyze your complex batteries. We also have a battery module voltage balancer to help the modules perform as efficiently as possible.


  • Battery Modules
  • Battery Packs
  • Aviation Batteries



When an EV battery is diagnosed as being defective on the production line, the faulty module needs to be replaced. The EVB5100 Module Balancer charges or discharges the new replacement module to the same state of charge as the other modules.

The BC512S is an automatic 12V/50A charge and quick diagnostic tool for lead, LI-ION, LI-PO, NI-CA, NI-MH batteries
The EEST-75-40 charges and discharges complex batteries and provides detailed analytics monitoring each battery cell.


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 Battery Charger Analyzer

The BCA is a Battery Charger Analyzer designed to Charge, Discharge and Analyze all types of battery chemistry. It is housed in a metal enclosure with a 7 inch touchscreen control display. All settings and data can be entered via the touchscreen.

Lead-Acid battery analyser

The BA1500 has been specially designed to analyse all lead-Acid battery chemistry in the Aviation industry. The icon based 4,3” touchscreen control display allow any technician to begin as an expert.

Lead-Acid battery charger

The BC1500 is a Battery Charger designed to charge all lead-Acid battery chemistry in the Aviation industry. It is housed in a metal enclosure with a 4,3” touchscreen control display.

Electric Vehicle Battery Module Balancing System

Electric Vehicle Battery Module Balancing System
Ideal for rework stations on EV vehicle production lines, the EVB 5100 Battery Module Balancing Machine uses the most efficient technologies to check state of charge and equalize voltage differences between modules.

Automatic 12v/50a charge and quick diagnostic

Automatic 12v/50a, charge and quick diagnostic, for 12v lead, li-ion, li-po, ni-cd, ni-mh batteries.
BC 512S, one charger, linked to the plant’s network, fulfills all the plant’s needs.

Pack & Module Charger PMC1000 ATEQ

Pack & Module Charger PMC1000. Specific electronic module, new interface, specific range of accessories. All has been made to create an accurate and powerful industrial charging solution.

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