ATEQ can provide leak and flow testing solutions for your battery applications at every step of production.


  • Pouches/Cells

  • Housing
  • Cooling Circuits

  • Modules

  • Plugs/Sockets
  • Packs
  • End of Line


leak-test-battery ATEQ


Differential pressure decay works by pressurizing a part and measuring for a drop in pressure. Even if a part is sealed with no opening to pressurize, there are ways to use chambers for ingress testing. We also offer differential noise canceling technology for testing large flexible parts, like battery housings.

Ioniq wind leak testing is the best technology to use when leak testing battery pouches and motor coil coverings. ATEQ’s Ioniq or B28 electrical leak testers use safe low ionization voltages to ionize oxygen molecules in the air around the test part and display an insulation percentage to see if the part is within specification.

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Without any doubt, the smallest high performance leak tester for battery cells and breathable membranes. One of the main advantages is that our B28 module can quickly test the cell insulator.


When leak testing a large, flexible component in a ‘noisy’ factory environment, use ATEQ’s new Differential Noise Canceling (DNC) leak testing technology to produce faster, more accurate leak readings that are not influenced by fluctuating background disturbances.

F620LV leak-test_ATEQ

F620LV is a breakthrough instrument able to leak test very large volumes (up to 200L) using a new patented technology (Based on Pressure Decay) thanks to the high sensitivity of our latest pressure transducer. An EV battery housing is a great application for ATEQ’s new DNC technology.

On the basis of its well proven concept of production line QC Testers, ATEQ has developed a new leak tester designed for the specific requirements of high volume production of plastic parts.

F620 air pressure decay tester

After 46 years, and 250,000 testers installed in more than 5,000 customers worldwide, ATEQ presents its revolutionary leak tester: F620. New electronic module, new measurement module, new interface, new accessories…


To locate leaks on a battery metal cover, a forming gas (H2N2) leak detection and localization with portable gas sensitive detector H6000 is the solution.

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