Battery Analyser
12V–24V/55A/1750W ATEQ BA1500

The BA1500 has been specially designed to analyse all lead-Acid battery chemistry in the Aviation industry. The icon based 4,3” touchscreen control display allow any technician to begin as an expert. No training is required to operate the instrument. Simply connect the clamps to the battery and analyse your battery performance at the touch of a screen.

The BA 1500 is an all-in-one battery analyzer combined with a robust design. It fits all Lead-Acid battery analyze needs in hangar or on tarmac. The icon based interface allows any technician to operate the electric battery analyzer. The BA1500 Scientifically analyzes battery performance with a true constant current battery capacity test. The device is fully automatic plug & play ; no set up required ; just connect the clamps to the battery and start your capacity test.

  • Battery Analyzer for Aviation lead-Acid batteries
  • Max discharge 1750W
  • Discharge at constant current
  • Capacity test
  • Self protected reverse polarity indicator
  • Upgradable Software and Battery database integrating battery manufacturers specifications.
  • No set up required
  • Job tracability
BA1500 details

Simple & User friendly 

The BA 15000 is accessible to all operators. No training is required to use our product. Ergonomic thanks to its 4’3″ icon based interface you can launch all the operations at the touch of an icon.

Plug & Play 

Thanks to large battery models database, You can easily find the reference of your lead-acid battery and then start your capacity cycle directly, the program is launched automatically.

Connectivity & Traceability

The BA 1500 has integrated Wifi.The user can easily manage the battery capacity reports. All batteries are seperately identified for their entire life time. An extended range of batteries available from our fully upgradable embedded database. BA 1500 is compliant with all lead acid battery manufacturers. Each capacity report can be edited, printed thanks to the thermal printer, or simply download on a USB key or onto a PC.


Internal features and security components protect the user and the device against problems (reverse polarity, voltage and current monitoring, …)



General Details

User interface 4,3’’ LCD Touch screen Color display Icons based with no text messages Buzzer
27 languages available
Housing Aluminum body with metal handle Anti slip, shock proof rubber sides
Dimensions 230 x 200 x 470mm
Weight 10Kg (without cables)
Temperature Usage: -10 to +40°C – storage: -30 to +60°C
Humidity 20 to 80 % non condensing
Noise level 65dB at 40A
Connectivity SUBD9 ports for diagnostic tool connection, software updates, 1D scanner
Output Range of 1 to 36V
Limited current: 55A
Easy plug connector
Max voltage: 36 VDC
Max current: 55 Adc
Max power: 1750W
Input 24V – 2,5A – 60W (for worldwide networks)
  • BA 1500 kit (Ref. EZ-0248)
  • BA Device (Ref. 00408)
  • External voltage measurement cable (Ref. EG-0400)
  • Quickstart (Ref. D2-0264)
  • Cable for update – Mini USB (Ref. EG-0701)
  • 2m50 Charge cable with ergonomic clamps (Ref. T1-0225)
  • Thermal printer, cable included (Ref. EZ-0183)
  • Bar code scanner, cable included (Ref. EZ-0247)


Detailed information about the ATEQ BA 1500 including features, specifications, etc.