The VT620 is fully integrated within the automated factory system. The system places sensors in the proper state for “end of line” installation on car & truck assembly lines, or at wheel and tire fitting plants.

The VT620 system is an end of line or final installation for production lines. The automatic or manual system process allows for minimal to full user interaction, depending on final line volume. The goal of the end of line process is to activate and read all TPMS sensors, then transfer the data to the vehicle’s ECU, or transfer the data to the tire fitting plant database system for review. Once configured, the system is protected from involuntary manipulation, thanks to the lockout key mode.


• Read, tests and programs all TPMS sensors on production and assembly lines
• Provides data reports for tire pressure & temp, battery status, sensor state etc.
• Powerful crosstalk elimination feature for reliable readings
• Integrates advanced technology for writing RFID & QR code Tire Data
• Connects to all factory networks through ASCII, Modbus, Profinet, Profibus, DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP communication protocols
• Easy updates to support new sensors and protocols
• Robust design for many years of carefree operation



Detailed information about the VT620 including features, specifications, etc.